Hans Günter Radmann      

Kubismus als Ausdruck ganzer Geschichten, tiefer Gefühle und farbiger Kompositionen - Realismus für meine Arbeit als Romanschreiber. Protagonisten als bildliche Erfahrung vor dem Schreibprozess. 

Cubism as an expression of whole stories, deep feelings and colorful compositions - Realism for my work as a novelist. The protagonists as a visual experience before the writing process.

About my Arts

Different Kinds of View through the overlapped Colour Layers and their Expression. Moments of a Story, a Twinkle of an Eye and Feelings, manifested trough the Use of Pastels. Dramatic Novels and exciting Novels.

** Hans Radmann - born 1.11.1963 in Daaden - Germany

** During Highschool teached by several Artists in Offenbach, like Aquarell-Painting, Figuration and Painting of Faces  and human Bodies.

** 1989 - 1997 - Study of interiour Architecture in Darmstadt.

** 1994 - 1995 in the Philippines - Marriage.

** Since 2013 working in Acrylic Painting and Pastel - Drawing. Main Themes: Situations and Women of the Philippines. 

** Since 2016 I am writing Novels in Selfpublishing via BoD (Books on Demand / Germany)

The Cubism is able to tell Stories in Paintings - its completed trough the repeated view of the Painting - Angles, Perspectives, Shifting of Parts in the Painting and Figures - all that will complete the whole Theme.