Hans Günter Radmann                                                                              Paintings and Novels                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kreativität ist ein grandioses Geschenk des allmächtigen Schöpfers an den Menschen. Kunst entsteht nie von allein, muss fantasievoll erlernt, erarbeitet und mit Hingabe gelebt werden, mit der tiefen Dankbarkeit an ihn, mit Respekt für das Motiv.                    Creativity is a grandiose gift from the almighty God to humans. Arts cannot be developed by nothing, it has to be learned successfully and should be live with deep Devotion together with Thankfulness to him, with Respect for the Content.

About my Arts

Different Kinds of View through the overlapped Colour Layers and their Expression. Moments of a Story, a Twinkle of an Eye and Feelings, manifested trough the Use of Pastels. Dramatic Novels and exciting Novels.

**Hans Radmann - born 1.11.1963 in Daaden - Germany

**During Highschool teached by several Artists in Offenbach, like Aquarell-Painting, Figuration and Painting of Faces          and human Bodies.

**1989 - 1997 - Study of interiour Architecture in Darmstadt.

**1994 - 1995 in the Philippines - Marriage.

**Since 2013 working in Acrylic Painting and Pastel - Drawing. Main Themes: Situations and Women of the Philippines. 

**Since 2016 I am writing Novels in Selfpublishing via BoD (Books on Demand / Germany)

The Cubism is able to tell Stories in Paintings - its completed trough the repeated view of the Painting - Angles, Perspectives, Shifting of Parts in the Painting and Figures - all that will complete the whole Theme.