Hans Günter Radmann                                                                              Paintings and Novels                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kreativität ist ein grandioses Geschenk des allmächtigen Schöpfers an den Menschen. Kunst entsteht nie von allein, muss fantasievoll erlernt, erarbeitet und mit Hingabe gelebt werden, mit der tiefen Dankbarkeit an ihn, mit Respekt für das Motiv.                    Creativity is a grandiose gift from the almighty God to humans. Arts cannot be developed by nothing, it has to be learned successfully and should be live with deep Devotion together with Thankfulness to him, with Respect for the Content.

The Bible as a Theme / Ang Bibliya bilang Aspekto sa Arts ko.

The Bible as the Word of God is the most important Guideline for my Life and it cannot be neglected in my Painting-Work. (2.Timothy 3:16,17 - John 17:17) The greatest Artist in Universe is Jehovah God. (Psalms 83.18 - Revelation 4:11) It is understandable, that Millions of People love Arts, Music, Architecture, Gardening Design or Lyrics, because the Creator made us in his Image - the Skill, to be creative too on this Planet Earth. Creativity could be used wisely.

As Jehovahs Witness I will live that Thought with deep Thankfulness. The Joy and the Ability, to use my Hands for Arts, show the wonderful Kind of Making of the human Body.

"How many your works are, oh Jehovah! YOU have made all of them in Wisdom."

Psalms 104:24

Our Ideas and Creativity has in accordance to our Brain no End, so Humans like to live longer or forever. Under God´s Kingdom everlasting Life will be manifested on Earth. A Bible Study shows you, how God Jehovah will do that.

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Ang Bibliya ay salita ng Diyos at ang pinakaimportanteng kautusan para sa aking buhay. Hindi maaaring nawawala ang temang ito sa aking Arts. Ang pinakabest ng artista ang Diyos na Jehova. Normal, na ang mga tao may inters sa pagpinta, musika, architektura, design ng mga halaman at iba pa, dahil naglalang si Jehova ang mga tao ayon sa kaniyang larawan. Ang kreatividad ay dapat gumagamit sa marunong na paraan.

Bilang saksi ni Jehova nabubuhay ko bilang artista ayon sa ganitong kaisipan. Kaligayahan at abilidad, na gumagamit ng daliri ko kasama ng mga pencils at brushes, ang importanteng damdamin sa akin kasama ng pagpapahalaga at pagpapasalamat sa Diyos.

Napakarami ang mga gawa mo, O Jehova! Lahat ng iyon ay ginawa mo nag may karunungan. Ang lupa ay puno ng mga ginawa mo.

AWIT 104:24

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