Hans Günter Radmann      

Kubismus als Ausdruck ganzer Geschichten, tiefer Gefühle und farbiger Kompositionen - Realismus für meine Arbeit als Romanschreiber. Protagonisten als bildliche Erfahrung vor dem Schreibprozess. 

Cubism as an expression of whole stories, deep feelings and colorful compositions - Realism for my work as a novelist. The protagonists as a visual experience before the writing process.

She and her Calamansi Fruit Harvester

The Calamansi-Fruit is a very tiny juicy green Citrusfruit with an intensive sour, but harmonious Taste, full of Vitamines. Filipinos add it to their Fish-Dishes. You could mix a nice Juice with three or four Calamansi, a Tablespoon brown Sugar and cold Water. Together with Rum at the Evening some nice Drink, if it´s hot, it is a wholesome Drink too. Is such a Fruit an Inspiration to paint? Yes - sure. The Calamansi is here a Part of the whole Story - she ware her best FILIPINIANA-Dress, he works hard in harvesting and uses his Bolo to found the Way to the Trees, where such good Fruits could be taken. The Family of my Wife has an organic Agriculture for this Fruits to earn their Living at Panay Island. Heaven, Sunlight, the green Environment and the Satisfaction of Life..