Hans Günter Radmann                                                                              Paintings and Novels                                                                         
Dramenromane und romantische Spannungsromane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kreativität ist ein grandioses Geschenk des allmächtigen Schöpfers an den Menschen. Kunst entsteht nie von allein, muss fantasievoll erlernt, erarbeitet und mit Hingabe gelebt werden, mit der tiefen Dankbarkeit an ihn, mit Respekt für das Motiv.                    Creativity is a grandiose gift from the almighty God to humans. Arts cannot be developed by nothing, it has to be learned successfully and should be live with deep Devotion together with Thankfulness to him, with Respect for the Content.

SIGNAL 4 - The Eyes of a Fishergirl (Valerie)

A beautiful Story from the Land of the 7000 Islands

The young Woman on that Book Cover is wearing a KIMONA over her Dress. That nice Clothes Add Ones, made of shiny Organza or Silk, need always some white Shirt or an Under-Dress, also like such Barong for Men.

In the Story Valerie is wearing the FILIPINIANA Dress seen above. It is made in the Style of the 19th Century in a modern Interpretation from a Star Designer. The Price is extremly high for a Fishergirl. That Dress is so outstanding and fascinate Anthony, while her Neighbors are wondering about the Sense wearing such a Dress. Valerie has very strong emotional Feelings toward her Filipiniana, which is explained in that Story.

Valerie is wearing a MARIA CLARA Dress in accordance to the Tradition of the 1900ths, where Women of the Filipino High Society were using that Kind of Chlothes in the Time of the American-Spanish-War. The Movie GOYO - ANG BATANG HENERAL shows that Scenery of the Time, where Filipinos were fighting against the new Occupences of the Country. In that time, the honor of a Filipino woman was something viewed as precious. Vian on the right Side uses a FILIPINIANA, where the Half-Sleeves are standing up.