Hans Günter Radmann                                                                              Paintings and Novels                                                                         
Dramenromane und romantische Spannungsromane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kreativität ist ein grandioses Geschenk des allmächtigen Schöpfers an den Menschen. Kunst entsteht nie von allein, muss fantasievoll erlernt, erarbeitet und mit Hingabe gelebt werden, mit der tiefen Dankbarkeit an ihn, mit Respekt für das Motiv.                    Creativity is a grandiose gift from the almighty God to humans. Arts cannot be developed by nothing, it has to be learned successfully and should be live with deep Devotion together with Thankfulness to him, with Respect for the Content.

Why should you read my Books? Sorry: The Novels are only available in German Language (Signal 4 is in Planning for Translation in Tagalog)

** The Place of my Story are the Philippines, a young Genre in Germanys Novel-Writing.

** High emotional Dialogs with a lot of dramatic Elements, what we are calling "Head-Cinema".

** Kodex and Honor are main Chraracteristics from the Protagonists.

** Love is described fine, smooth and clean without any vulgar expressions.

** Readers will learn about an exotic, lovable Culture.

** In all Stories a Foreigner is one of the Main Characters with a little Portion of Humour.

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Bacolod Part 1 - Lost before Midnight. Available as PRINT Book and E BOOK

SIGNAL 4 - The Eyes of a Fishergirl: Romantic Drama-Novel combined with a Hurricane-Thriller based on Impressions from the Author with Taifun HAIYAN in 2013. NEW: As E Book available


Bacolod Part 2 - The Search for the Daughter got lost. Available as PRINT Book and E BOOK