Hans Günter Radmann                                                                              Paintings and Novels                                                                         
Dramenromane und romantische Spannungsromane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kreativität ist ein grandioses Geschenk des allmächtigen Schöpfers an den Menschen. Kunst entsteht nie von allein, muss fantasievoll erlernt, erarbeitet und mit Hingabe gelebt werden, mit der tiefen Dankbarkeit an ihn, mit Respekt für das Motiv.                    Creativity is a grandiose gift from the almighty God to humans. Arts cannot be developed by nothing, it has to be learned successfully and should be live with deep Devotion together with Thankfulness to him, with Respect for the Content.

The Idea of a Cinema-Signboard and the Development of my Novel-Figures

These are the Steps for an experimental Cinema-Placard in Pastel, which remembers the Time of older Cinema Tradition. The Basis is the Story of my first BACOLOD Novel.

The Appearance of my Protagonists are developed from their Kinds of Chraracter, which ist highly interesing for me as Painter and Book-Reader. 

 The complete Idea as Sketch / Ang Ideya bilang Sketch

VIAN G., Her Eye-Expression should be strong, direct / Ang expresyon ng mga mata ni VIAN ay dapat matigas at diretso

LEIF and FELIZITAS in a Kissing Scene / LEIF at FELIZITAS sa Eksea ng Halik

Cover of: BACOLOD - The Search for the Daughter got lost

FELIZITAS is a firstborn Daughter from a Family-Tribe of Leaders in her Province. Her Passion and Power in her Marriage she is combining with Faithfulness and a hart Kodex, which is really to be wishful by many. Her Tradition together with her modern Attitude in Life she is celebrating in a fine Way, but her new Hairstyle brings her Husband first in some Doubts. For VIAN she is a Hope, because she is like her big Sister, disciplines her in a hearttouching way with fantastic Results. 

VIAN is an outstanding beautiful Girl and the most wanted Model in Front of the Painters Stafelage. She lost her Parents in the Age of 15, and has to cope as "Daughter" inmidst the Artists Circle, knowing all Longings and Desires for her from these Men. Her Designer FILIPINIANA and the longest Hair in Town are her Cooperate Identity, and she need that Star-Hairdresser since 8 Years. Her Longing for the true Love and her Lonelyness made her sometimes dangerous and revengeful, but FELIZITAS will take Care of her, and she will learn her Lessons... Surely. 

She wears an outstanding FILIPINIANA Dress in vanilla Color with a little Passion Fashion.